Segregation of waste to be completed by August end: Municipal Commn


Nashik : After it came to light that there are no separate compartments for wet and dry waste in ghantagadi’s, Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna issued suspension notices to the health officer and assistant health officer.
A few days back Mayor Ranjana Bhansi and Deputy Mayor Prathmesh Gite had paid a visit to the manure plant.

They had found that there were no separate compartments for wet and dry waste in ghantagadis. It had come to light that contractors violated rules and regulations. In addition, though there is ban on plastic carry bags below a certain thickness, the health officer had informed the Mayor that usage of plastic carry bags has been started in Nashik Road division to collect wet garbage and took the side of the contractor.

Taking serious note of this, the Municipal Commissioner slammed health officer Dr. Vijay Dekate and assistant health officer Dr. Sachin Hiray. A show-cause notice was sent to them.

On this backdrop, the Municipal Commissioner held interactions with media and informed about discussions and decisions that took place in the meeting of health department chief and sanitary inspectors. In addition, responsibility about segregation of waste has been given to contractors and health department. Orders have been issued that each division should complete process of segregation of waste by August end, the Municipal Commissioner informed.

Informing that Credai will also be involved in the process for segregation of waste, Credai will create awareness among people. It will also work to give garbage bins to some housing projects and societies under CSR activity. In addition, while constructing new buildings and bigger housing projects, efforts will be taken for making separate arranagement for wet and dry waste.

Efforts will be made for cleanliness after rank of Nashik slipped in the list of cleanest cities, the Municipal Commissioner made it clear. Work on to keep separate garbage bin for wet and dry waste in every household, to start second unit for solid waste management this year, to use fuel prepared through plastic fuel at manure plant to cremate animals, to operationalise CCTV system, to manufacture fuel brick and coal, to manufacture compost with full capacity, to link GPS at ghantagadi and to achieve target of construction of public lavatories will be done in upcoming period, the Municipal Commissioner clarified.