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Video: Seeking genuine gender equality, safety and respect



Social objective of empowering women can not be achieved entirely unless and until women and girls are protected, genuinely respected and accepted as an equal partner in the development and their role in social change is admired fully. There is dire need for society to educate their male counterparts as well on how to respect women, treat them equally and accept the fact that women now deserve equal opportunities in society, expressed the Nirbhayas in the city while discussing an important element of social change i.e., safety and security of women, at the Deshdoot Samwad Katta on Saturday, yesterday.

The panel in the discussion comprised of counsellor Deepali Khedkar, Police Inspector (Nirbhaya cell) Bhavana Mahajani, counsellor Radhika Kale and Adv Monica Banait all of whom are working for empowering the women. The discussion was conducted by Editor of Deshdoot and Deshdoot Times Dr Vaishali Balajiwale. Stating that widening communication gap between the girls and their parents, family members is one of the main reasons behind rising safety concerns about them, the panellist Deepali Khedkar expressed the need for awareness sessions for boys also on forums of schools and colleges.

“Today’s woman is self-reliant but should focus on her self-defence also. With a self-confidence, she needs to take help of latest technology developed especially for women to protect herself. There is GPS system, Nirbhaya app, family apps, security apps, helpline numbers which can be effectively used in times of necessity, stated Radhika Kale and API Bhavana Mahajan adding that there are specially created cells especially to look into the grievances of women.

The panelists were at one to have qualities like courage, alertness and effective communication between the girls and their family members which is a preventive measure. The girls should share their thoughts freely and fearlessly among their family members — be it about what they are doing, to whom they are talking, frequently visiting, sharing their personal things etc.

“Performing and spreading Sanskar (virtues) in society is not the responsibility of women alone, but men should also be held equally responsible to imbibe true values of Sanskar for a healthy society, expressed Adv. Monica Banait.
The women panellists were clear in their ideas and also urged society to take lead in creating awareness and teaching new generation about women safety and women respect.


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