‘School uniform to all’ in a week, assures ZP


Nashik: The primary education officer of Zilla Parishad has made an appeal to all the ZP-run schools to ensure school uniforms to about 2.5 lakh enrolled students in a span of one week. The ZP has claimed that all the students will be seen in a school uniform on August 15 saluting our tri-colour.

The guardians/parents should purchase school uniform for their wards by August 15, said the ZP department on the backdrop of the uniform purchase record of close to 2 lakh students still not being on the register of ZP’s primary education deparment.

The ZP has decided to undertake various programmes to promote the concept of ‘school uniform to all the students by organising parent-teacher meetings, school visits of education officers etc.

The ZP, from the current academic year, is operating ‘direct benefit transfer’ scheme to transfer Rs 400 directly into the accounts of school students to purchase two sets of school uniform.
Till date, about 1.47 lakh students have had bank a/cs opened by the respective school heads, in nationalised banks to benefit from the scheme.