Samruddhi Expressway : District Collector to become jt account holder


Nashik : The District Collector has found a solution for those farmers who are in dilemma over fear that family members would waste the money they receive as compensation if they give their lands for Nagpur-Mumbai Samruddhi expressway.

The District Collector is ready to become joint bank account holder for those farmers who have this fear. If such farmers contact the District Collector, he is ready to provide his full cooperation to them.

Many farmers are ready to give their lands for the Samruddhi expressway, but considering internal family disputes, bad habits of family members and wasting of money on bad habits, many family heads are not ready to give their lands though they wish to. Some farmers are in dilemma over this and administration is facing difficulties on large scale in land purchase due to this.

Administration had expectation that it would get lands easily after farmers gave their approval. However, farmers are complaining to the District Collector that the money they receive will not be safe. “There is no problem in giving our lands, but money that will be received as compensation will be spent unnecessarily. We will come to the streets in future. Considering this, do not purchase our land,” farmers are requesting.

Taking into account this, the District Collector has found out a solution for these farmers and he will be ready to become joint bank account holder with them. Accordingly, to purchase alternative land, make arrangement for earning or purchase home or if family head makes demand for money for important work, the concerned farmer will withdraw money from the bank account only after signature by the District Collector. As a result, their money will remain safe.

“If farmers have such difficulties, they should contact me,” urged District Collector Radhakrishnan B. Due to this solution, money of farmers will remain safe and they can be used for proper work. Unnecessary expenditure will be curbed automatically, opined the District Collector.