RTO computerising info of 1100 ST buses


Nashik : The Regional Transport Office is computerising information about 1100 MSRTC buses in Nashik division. This will help in curbing usage of old buses.

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation has to take fitness certificate for every bus from the RTO. It gets 2-4 buses inspected daily from the RTO. RTO in its report instructs what necessary changes need to be made, condition of buses, engine problems and repair. Process to get fitness certificate is going on continuously. Despite this any bus can get damaged within a year due to constant use or its capacity can get reduced.

The MSRTC does not give serious attention to the buses after they receive a fitness certificate from the RTO. As a result, passengers have to face difficulties like sudden breakdown, roof leakage, noise and mishaps.

The RTO has taken an important step to prevent these. Information about all 1100 buses in Nashik division is being computerised since July 19. This work will be completed within two months. Following this, information about the number of old buses, whether they are fit for driving or not etc. will be available on a click.

This work is on the path of progress and efforts will be taken to make travel safer through this. Till date, MSRTC buses were inspected as per regular vehicles, but as separate information about them will now be stored, it will help in providing more attention to the buses.

Meanwhile, there is a facility to make complaint about bad condition of buses to the RTO. Immediate action can be taken over this.