Remove encroachments near Nehru garden, instructs Gangurde


Satpur: “Remove encroachments near Nehru garden immediately. Bahiram sir take action against them immediately. The Municipal Commissioner and I will handle the matter,” instructed NMC standing committee chairperson Shivaji Gangurde to encroachment department.

The chairperson expressed his anger over controversial encroachments outside Nehru Garden in a standing committee meeting.

Though many corporators had complained about the encroachments here, NMC administration could not dare to remove them. Instead, after NMC had constructed a safety wall for statues inside the garden, it became clear that this wall was only protecting the kiosk owners.

Following direct order by the chairperson to take action, it is clear that Nehru Garden would be freed soon. Vatsala Khaire raised the encroachment problem near Nehru Garden in the house. Drawing attention to the issue of the statue of Pandit Nehru being in a bad state, she stated that toys in the garden are also damaged. Khaire also demanded the removal of encroachment by kiosk owners near the garden.

While giving his decision over this, chairperson Gangurde ordered immediate action to remove encroachments near Nehru Garden. He also instructed the administration to complete pre-monsoon works in the city immediately.

The chairperson asked for a clarification on resolving the controversial issue of cupboards in buildings. Informing about this, assistant director of town planning department Akash Bagul said that the problem in buildings along 9-metre roads in the city will be resolved and town planning department is receiving proposals about this. Permissions to these proposals will be given after seeing the plans.

In addition, the NMC has sought guidance from government about this. Information regarding this will be taken from state secretariat next week. The chairperson asked for action as per provisions in by-laws of town planning department to resolve the issue. The NMC will receive a revenue of Rs. 200-250 crore from it, he added.

Concerned officials took note of the problems raised by Pravin Tidme, Mushir Saiyyad, Suryakant Lavate and Adv. Badode. Mukene direct pipeline scheme work is in progress and it will be completed by July, 2018, informed superintending engineer of water supply department Shivaji Chavanke. After question about stray dogs in the city was raised, the chairperson ordered the administration to issue show cause notice to Dr. Sonawane from health department as he was not present for the meeting. He approved the development works which were on the agenda.