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Ravivar Peth: Hub of second-hand books


Nashik: Ravivar Peth is witnessing heavy rush with the schools re-opening and proceeding with their new academic year. Amidst the huge mass purchasing newly printed books, a huge chunk of the population is also diverting to the purchase of second-hand books following its availability at cheaper rates. Students sell their old books at a low rate to these shopkeepers and hence, earn decent money for the same and the families facing financial issues find it convenient to opt for second-hand textbooks.

In a conversation with Deshdoot Times, shopkeepers explained the whole pattern of the book trade. They accept books based on its condition and the normal rate of purchase is 30 to 35% of the original cost. The worse the condition is, the more a decrease in purchase percentage.

Books in a pretty bad condition need repair in terms of rebinding. 90% of the booksellers are those belonging to the SSC board. This is the only place in the whole Nashik area accommodating a number of books store dealers trading in second-hand books. 50 to 80% of the customers in this arena purchase a set of second-hand books for their children thus, increasing the demand for it.

This has turned the respective area into a hub as it provides textbooks at an affordable rate. These old books also serve as a reference tool for students preparing for competitive exams. Reselling of books increases the value of those textbooks which otherwise are sold to scrap dealers and their value is reduced to a mere bundle of pages. The reuse of the textbook also creates a positive effect on the environment.


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