Rasbihari Int’l School organises book fair for students


Nashik : All the Rasbihari students, parents and teachers got a chance to enjoy 3 days’ reading bonanza in school through the book fair organized by Scholastic India Ltd. The concept behind organising the book fair was to celebrate and stimulate the reading culture and taking it a step ahead on a school level.

The book fair had almost 1500 titles on the display catering to all the age groups and a variety of genre. All the students were very enthusiastic to visit the book fair, they enjoyed skimming through the books, making their own wishlists and participating in the theme of the Book Fair which was “Magic School Bus” – a wonderful exciting way to celebrate reading, and providing a wide array of books to children that are age appropriate and relevant; books that   provide an element of learning and enjoyment to the readers.

The Magic School Bus series by Scholastic has award winning titles that have captivated both children and adults with clever story lines, extraordinary field trips and the one of a kind Ms. Frizzle. The book fair was truly a celebration and stimulation for all the Rasbiharians. The book fair was inaugurated by Kanwar Deepak Singh, the Chief Operating Officer of the school.