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Rains to subside from the district: Nashikites feeling a chill, IMD warn of cold wave


Nashik : Following rains, a cold wave will hit Nashik. The experts have said that this year the cold wave will hit the district very badly. The weather in the district and city is becoming cold. Though the temperature has not dropped remarkably, it will drop gradually, warned Indian Meteorology Department (IMD).

The temperature in Nashik has started declining day by day. Nashikites are experiencing a soothing morning with fog everywhere.  The district was hit very badly due to delayed monsoon. The grape producing farmers are already cribbing because of rains and now the cold wave is making them sleepless.

The cold will affect the grape crop which ever left by the rains. The farmers in the district have already destroyed their vineyards, but which ever are left are praying for better climatic conditions in the Rabbi season.  The Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) has in its advisory said that temperature will start dropping in North Maharashtra as the winter has been started.

The season has already arrived late this year and it is expected that there will be severe cold this time.  The weather department has also said in its advisory that, in the next five days there is no possibility of rains. The maximum temperature staying in between 28-30 degree Celsius and minimum temperature around 18-16 degree Celsius. The wind speed will remain between 6-15 km per hour for the next five days.

Rains to Subside
The Indian Meteorology Department has predicted that for the next five days the district and nearby areas will not receive any spell of rain. The weather will stay dry for next five days. The IMD has not declared officially that the post monsoon has over.


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