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Railways to refund ticket money till June 21; Passengers should avoid self cancellations to get more refund



The Indian Railways has decided to refund passengers money till June 21. The bookings from March 21, 2020 will get refund on their tickets. The refund rules have been relaxed by the Railways on the wake of Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19. The refund will be given only to the ticket which are generated from PRS counter. The Railways has taken the desicion as a preventive measure to avoid crowding and practice social distancing to control spread of Covid-19.

In case the train has been cancelled by the Indian Railways, the passenger can ask for a full refund within the next three month. Currently, the cancellation period is only three days. If the passenger himself cancels the ticket, the passenger can file the Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) within the next three months. The TDR can also be submitted to claim office within 60 days. Currently, the deadline for filing is three days and for submitted to claim office is only 10 days.

Doubts have been raised regarding cancellation of e-tickets subsequent to the halting of railway passengers trains. It may be noted that for trains cancelled by railway in its complete run, refund on e-tickets is full and automatic. In this case, no cancellation exercise is required to be done on the part of the user.

If user cancels his e-ticket in situations of train cancellations, there are chances he may get less refund. Hence passengers are advised not to cancel e-tickets on their own for those trains which have been cancelled by railways, he said.


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