Raid at two petrol pumps in the city, one sealed


Nashik: After petrol theft with the help of electronic chips inside petrol dispensing machines had come to light, raids are being conducted at petrol pumps in the country. A squad conducted a raid at a petrol pump at Trimbak Naka yesterday and sealed it. The action was taken after petrol dispensing machine was found faulty. Meanwhile, a petrol pump in Dindori Road area was also inspected, it was informed. Inspection of total 28 petrol pumps in the district will be made, sources informed, but supply department tried to evade giving information.

After a racket in petrol and diesel theft with the help of an electronic chip was detected in Thane city, the crime branch there arrested six members of this racket. They had installed the electronic chips at petrol pumps in some districts of the state. Thane crime branch has a list of these petrol pumps and names of 28 petrol pumps are in it, sources informed further.

Accordingly, Thane crime branch, weights and measures department, Hindustan Petroleum Ltd officials and district supply department jointly conducted the raid at J R Mehta and Sons petrol pump. Experts inspected all the fuel dispensing machines. Two machines were found faulty. During inspection it was found that 35 ml fuel per liter less was dispensed from a machine, whereas 25 ml fuel per liter less was dispensed from another machine. The action was going on till late in the night. The squad sealed this pump thereafter, sources informed.

After petrol theft with the help of electronic chip had come to light in Uttar Pradesh, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Minister Girish Bapat had ordered an inspection of all petrol dealers in the state.

On the backdrop of this, Thane crime branch, weights and measures department and district supply department conducted the raid at two petrol pumps in evening and started to inspect the petrol pumps. So far, 11,418 petrol pumps have been inspected during inspection of 1636 petrol and diesel dealers in the state. 252 petrol pumps were found dispensing less quantity of fuel. 322 dealers in Nashik division have been inquired into and 2,000 pumps have been inspected.