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Purohit Sangh demanded honorarium for Goda Aarti


Prashant Nikale: Nashik: Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) recently launched a unique initiative to boost tourism in Nashik. The first-ever Goda Aarti of river Godavari was held by Tourism Minister Jaykumar Raval and Guardian Minister of Nashik Girish Mahajan.

The responsibility of Goda Aarti has been given to Purohit Sangh and it has added a twist in the initiative. Purohit Sangh has demanded a hefty honorarium to conduct the daily Goda Aarti at 7 pm, everyday.  It has demanded a monthly honorarium of Rs 15,000 for the chief priest and Rs 5,000 for other ten priests.

Purohit Sangh, on the other hand, has also demanded Rs 24 lakh which are funded by the government for Goda Aarti. It has said that the cash is demanded so that it can be deposited in bank account of Purohit Sangh to make easily available the material required for Goda Aarti.

The officials of the MTDC explained, “We are going to provide the cloths, the lamps, and all the pooja related material to Purrohit Sangh. We have told them that material which can be enough for a year will be provided to you in advance. But they have demanded cash, which is not at all possible for us. It is a government-funded money and we have some sort of rules of expenditure.”

“Purohit Sangh has appointed 11 priests for conducting Goda Aarti. Now they have demanded honorarium for conducting Goda Aarti. Purohit Sangh have demanded Rs 15,000 for the chief priest and Rs 5,000 for the rest of 10 priests on monthly basis. It is not possible for government.

Goda Aarti will boost the tourism in the area which is directly beneficial for Purohit Sangh”, said an official from MTDC.  The MTDC has said that the honorarium will hamper the funds which are reserved for Goda Aarti. MTDC has planned this for as life-long initiative.

The honorarium will add Rs 6,60,000 yearly on the project. The project has finally started with crunch of fund and the demand from Purohit Sangh will put the initiative to stop, said MTDC.

“We have made our demands. MTDC has given positive response on our demands. There will be 11 priests who will conduct Goda Aarti regularly. The demand of honorarium and other things has already been given. We will wait for the decision to come.”
– Satish Shukla, president, Purohit Sangh


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