‘Problems of displaced in State are still unresolved’


Nashik : “Like Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat states, problems of displaced in Maharashtra are still unresolved. Though government is stating that rehabilitation of project affected took place, 100% rehabilitation has not taken place. Considering this, our legal battle is going on. If time comes, we do not look behind to intensify our battle,” warned senior social worker Medha Patkar, yesterday.

She will hold discussions with Divisional Commissioner Mahesh Zagade today over problems of Sardar Sarovar project affected. On the backdrop of this, Patkar was speaking in a public meeting organised at Hutatma Smarak. “Central government is using every tactic to continue work of the project. Last time, the work was stopped after completion of 122 metre height, but 17-metre gates have been constructed again.

Central government is providing its attention to this project and is oppressing the displaced for completion of the project. Compensation is being provided for land acquisition, but rehabilitation work has not completed yet. Madhya Pradesh Congress gave its support to us. Besides this, Communist Party and Aam Aadmi Party are also with us,” she informed.

Sardar Sarovar project is being completed by displacing hundreds of families. Farms were destroyed after sea water mixed in Narmada river in June last year. The situation will be same this year, but government is providing its attention towards saving of the cow. They do not have any concern about average people. The next battle like a war along with a legal battle, Patkar said. Project affected from Maharashtra and Gujarat were also present.