Private vehicles banned in ZP


Nashik: The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer has taken a stern step to prevent traffic jam in Zilla Parishad campus due to vehicles of ZP members and private persons. He has banned private vehicles in the campus.

ZP CEO Deepakkumar Meena issued a circular implementing a dress code for ZP employees, compulsion of identity card and restrictions on study tour without permission. A ban has been imposed on vehicles of ZP members and vehicles of political office bearers and contractors.

There is very less space opposite ZP building. There was no space to park vehicles of office bearers and officials as political office bearers, current and former ZP members and former office bearers were parking their vehicles. As vehicles were parked opposite entrance of ZP, it was difficult for people to enter the ZP building.

One had to toil hard to park vehicles and to get out of ZP campus. Arguments were also taking place over parking of vehicles. CEO Deepakkumar noted this and issued a circular ordering a ban on private vehicles in ZP. Vehicles of ZP members, former members, offie bearers, contractors and other private persons are among them.