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Private medical practitioners run their clinics: Mandhare

Due to rise in Coronavirus positivie patients, burden on government hospitals and primary health centres in urban area is increasing. Those private medical practitioners in Nashik city as well as in the district closed their clinics, hospitals, OPD and IPD should open them regularly. In addition, follow social distancing rule and take proper care, ordered District Collector Suraj Mandhare.
Number of Coronavirus patients is rising in the country. There is spread in Coronavirus outbreak due to citizens who returned from abroad. Possibility of Coronavirus positive patients cannot be denied in Nashik district due to this. Considering the danger of its spread, it is necessary to take immediate measures to prevent the spread. District administration is making pre-preparations to prevent emergency like situation in the district due to suspected patients.
However, it has been found that private practitioners in rural area of the district have closed down their clinics, hospitals and OPD for the last few days.  As a result, load on government hospitals and primary health centres is increasing.
All private medical practitioners in the district have been directed that they should run their OPDs regularly, maintaining a social distancing. They should also take care that there should not be rush in their OPDs and clinics. If they found Coronavirus suspect or have any doubt, they should immediately contact health department of Municipal Corporation and town council and taluka level medical officer at taluka level and medical officer.
A detailed information (complete name, age, gender, address, mobile number, in case of visit to other country name of the country and the date on which return to India) should be collected and give it to concerned government health agency in division or taluka, taluka health officer, medical superintendent, rural hospital, sub-district hospital, concerned primary health centre and city and urban primary health centres.  Those private doctors should fail to follow these will face strict action, warned the District Collector.

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