Power transformer at Shigve Bahula explodes


Deolali Camp : Explosion occurred in a power transformer at Shigve Bahula due to a short circuit. Little children who were playing at a green gym noticed a fire in the power transformer of the main electricity cable near Maruti temple and started shouting.

Electricity department and fire brigade department of cantonment board were informed, but after noticing that it was difficult for fire tender to reach the spot, local residents Dinesh Shinde, Gokul Mojad, Kiran Mojad, Sandip Medhe, Suresh Gavande and others sprayed water on the fire to douse it. Any human casualty was averted with this.

Earlier, local residents had demanded to shift the electricity transformer, but administration neglected it. This transformer is on main road and its door is always open. It is at 10-metre distance from local residences. Short circuits took place in the transformer many times earlier. Residents got panicky with this and they demanded to shift it from there.