Petrol pump owners observe ‘no fuel purchase’ day


Nashik : Federation of All Maharashtra Petrol Dealers Association (FAMPEDA) observed ‘no fuel purchase day’ yesterday to protest non-fulfillment of recommendations of Apurva Chandra committee and no complete refund of costs by oil companies. 350 petrol pump owners in the district observed the day and turnover worth Rs. 27 crore came to a standstill with this.

The assurance was given to implement recommendations of Chandra Committee since January 1, but they have not implemented yet. As deadline given by oil companies had expired on Tuesday, purchase of fuel was stopped from yesterday. The committee also recommended to hike commission of petrol dealers. Public oil companies and central government had not given assurance in writing about this.

As 350 petrol pump owners in the district and 70 petrol pump owners in the city did not purchase fuel, turnover worth Rs. 27.72 crore came to a stand still, it has been estimated.

As there was enough fuel stock at petrol pumps, citizens did not feel the effect of the agitation.

Meanwhile, secretary of Petrol Dealers Association Vijay Thakre informed that agitation has been started phasewise against oil companies. Various measures will be conducted to reduce cost as per rule till fulfillment of assurances. Petrol pump owners will take weekly off every Sunday from May 14 and will run petrol pumps from 9 am to 6 pm from May 15, he added.