Petrol pump owners to observe ‘no fuel purchase’ day today


Nashik: Nashik district petrol dealers association has decided to observe ‘no fuel purchase day’ today (May 10) over non-fulfillment of their demands, but petrol pumps will remain open, informed secretary of the association Vijay Thakre.

The Association is fighting over the issue of commission since last two years, but as oil companies have neglected this, the association has taken this step to save on costs, it was informed. The oil companies have repeatedly asked for more time to take a decision on the commissions and the last of these deadlines expired yesterday (May 9). Considering this ‘no fuel purchase’ day will be observed today. Petrol pumps will remain shut every Sunday after May 14. In addition, petrol pumps will be open only from 9 am to 6 pm from May 15.

The central government had formed the Apurva Chandra committee in 2011 to resolve the issue of commissions. It was decided to raise commission twice a year, but as there was no action by the oil companies about this, the association has taken this step to save on costs. 350 petrol pump owners in the district and 70 petrol pump owners in the city will observe ‘no fuel purchase’ day today.