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Petrol prices up again!



When the common man is suffering from inflation and hike in prices of essential commodities, the government further increased their misery by increasing fuel price. Fuel prices are up again. Petrol hiked by two rupees just in a week and has reached up to Rs 79.74 that is about Rs 80 in Nashik. Earlier the price was increased by 29 paise on Monday.

The fuel prices changing every day from last 10 days, but the real problem for the common man is they are only going up from last week’s Sunday, the Oil Manufacturing Companies’ has hiked the petrol price in the four metro cities by around 28 to 32 paise. Petrol price in New Delhi as on Monday is Rs. 73.91, in Kolkata Rs 76.60, in Mumbai Rs 79.57, and in Chennai Rs 76.83. In the entire metro cities, petrol price was hiked by about 30 paise on an average.

The city of Nashik is not untouched by the petrol hike. Nashikites too are feeling brunt of the price hike.
The reason behind the price is said to be the increased prices of the crude oil per barrel. The recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s crude oil facility has affected prices in India. A major part of the fuel in India is acquired from the Gulf country.

Petrol price in Nashik

Date               Prices        Hike
(Sept 2019)  (Rs / Ltr)    (Paise)
23                   79.74       0.29
22                   79.45       0.26
21                   79.19       0.29
20                   78.90       0.34
19                   78.56       0.29
18                   78.27       0.24
17                   78.03       0.14
16                   77.89       0.00
15                   77.89       0.06
14                   77.83       0.08


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