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People gear up for Diwali celebrations



With a huge Diwali rush in prime city markets, people have gared up to celebrate the festival of lights today with Lakshmi Poojan and Narak Chaturdashi. It is believed that on this day, asura or demon Narakasura was killed by Krishna, Lord Vishnu’s avatar. A huge Diwali rush was seen in prime markets of Main Road, RK, Panchavati, College Road, Nashik Road and other suburb areas even as weather and rains played spoilsport. The markets are decked up with candles, lights, earthen lamps and other decorative items.

Friends and families get together, light ‘diyas’ or earthen lamps in their houses, feast on sweet delicacies, exchange gifts, play games and burn crackers. Diyas are lit, pujas are offered to Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi symbolises wealth and prosperity, and her blessings are invoked for a good year ahead.

It is popularly believed that Lakshmi likes cleanliness and will visit the cleanest house first. Hence, the broom is worshipped. The most auspicious time for the puja is decided when “Amavasya tithi” prevails during “pradosh kaal” or the evening time.


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