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Peacock killed by stray dogs

Deshdoot Times DT City News

Peacock killed by stray dogs


Nashik: A peacock which was injured in the attack by stray dogs near Lokmanyanagar garden on Gangapur road died. Vijay Dhumal who is residing in the area saw that stray dogs were chasing this peacock and attacking it.

He immediately rescued the peacock and brought it to the veterinary hospital at Ashok Stambh for treatment. However, he found that the hospital was shut. The forest department was then informed about this.

Though many phone calls were made, forest department officials did not answer them. The peacock was suffering from pain. The van of the forest department came there after an hour, however, the peacock died then.

The efforts are needed to establish a forest department rescue centre at Nashik and forest department should vigilant during the summer. Forest department is responsible for the death of the peacock, said wildlife photographer Prof. Anand Bora.


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