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PBS: Low response may push it to closure; Nashikites taking only 200 to 300 rides daily



The Public Bicycle System (PBS) project is running low at a dangerous level. Nashikites are using very fewer bicycles throughout the day. The number has dropped so drastically that the company conducting the project in the city may close it very soon.

The daily rides have come down to only 200 to 300 rides, which was about 1500 to 1800 previously. The PBS project was introduced in the city on October 10 last year under the Nashik Smart City project. In the first phase 250 bicycles with 10 dock locations were given in city.

Currently, Nashik city has 1000 bicycles and 50 e-bikes available at different dock locations on prime spots. On these 1000 bikes the Nashikites are generation only 200 to 300 rides per day.  The sources from Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (NMSCDC), informed that the company running the project is also facing a different problem in the city.

Every day they are getting 2 to 3 bikes for repairs. Nashikites are damaging the service which has been, made available from them.

“The numbers of rides generated by Nashikites have dropped repeatedly. The number is such serious that the company running the project is saying that they may close the project here. On other hand, the 50 e-bikes have been taken out from their docks as users attempted to cause a damage to them several times. It’s an appeal from me to Nashikites to use the PBS. The bicycles are for them and are their property they should use it and with responsibility.”
                                                                                                                       – Prakash Thavil, CEO, NMSCDC
Benefits of PBS

Eco-friendly mode of transport
Zero carbon emissions
Improves health and general fitness
Saves money
Complements public transport thus encouraging people to avoid personal vehicles
Reduces congestion on roads



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