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Parking woes continue


Nashik: The making of the smart road in the city is creating different hassles everyday. This time it is the stretch from CBS to Meher signal on the side of the district court and district collectorate. The work of the stretch on the side of Government Girls’ High School was started in the first phase and is complete with the road being opened for traffic from CBS to Meher signal as one way. The other part of the road is under construction.

The patch where this road is flattened and looks maneuverable is now being used by the public for parking purposes and as stand for rickshaws. This in spite of the fact that police have barricaded the road for no use. The parking is causing problems not only to the road work but also to the moving traffic on the other side as vehicles buzz in and out from the gaps without notice.

The traffic towing vehicles pick up some of those parked in such no parking zones but that does not solve the problem entirely. It is also seen that people have been parking their vehicles on the cycle track. This space on the left-hand side of the road is meant for cycle traffic and is separated by blocks. However, at places, these blocks are not properly placed and at other places many people find it convenient to park their vehicles there.

Traffic also faces a problem at CBS which is the central junction. This road is closed on one side and the other side that opens into Kanherewadi is blocked by vehicle parking and rickshaws.  The parking woes in the city continue inspite of the fact that corporation has identified 15 smart parking areas in the city.


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