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Overcome cancer with positivity


POOJA TIPRE / Nashik: As modalities of treatments of cancer are increasing Dr raj Nagarkar and his team are also researching in associative treatments to help heal the cancer patients in Nashik. A disease like cancer but obviously causes fear.

The treatment procedure can be stress full at times and at times a little prolonged. What is important then is to keep the patient in a positive frame of mind, build his willpower and help him cure himself along with the efforts of the treating doctors.

“When a patient is suffering from cancer, the patient and the family undergo mental stress and they get anxious and nervous. These negative thoughts are not helpful for a positive healing and the patients and relatives have to be in a positive mind frame.

Most of the time we think that a patient is fine but he/she is likely to be distressed. It is important to make them feel strong and positive and for this we have devised the use of music and art.

When patients think positive then they respond the treatment positively and a speedy recovery can be achieved”, said Dr Raj Nagarkar chief onco surgeon and director HCG Manavta Cancer Centre.

Dr Nagarkar with his team of Sonali Joshi, art therapist have been experimenting with music and art therapy for the last two to three months.  Using art therapy, patients are asked to draw a picture.

The patient’s ability capacity to think overall through his imagination is then assessed. Patient’s over all outlook to the treatment is analysed and based on that counselling is provided. “The art and music are such engagements where the patients get involved.

They forget about their problems, pain, aliments at least for that time being and the involvement in the art helps them generate positive feelings, observes Dr Nagarkar.
States Sonali Joshi, the art therapist at the hospital, keeping the mind strong is very important part of treatment modality.

Art therapy is mainly used to convey the importance of colour to the patients.  These are mind engagements used to reduce the fear of the patient before the treatment or surgery.
She also tells about the Mandala (round) therapy which is also used as art therapy, by which the patient is asked to draw a round on a paper and fill it with different colours.

Looking at the round filled with bright colours is like meditation and helps generate positivity within the minds. Patients are also asked to write an inspirational quote and it works to strengthen their mind power, Joshi states.

Patients of all age groups are participating in this activity. Not only in bound patients but those who come in for checkups or follow ups and have to wait for their turn also take this therapy. “Not only they spend time till their turn comes but their anxieties of meeting the doctor and that of development of their disease remains under control”, Dr Nagarkar states.

“Music therapy in particular is also being used for patients who are to undergo surgery. Before and after the surgery, the favourite songs of the patients are played for him/her. The idea is to soothe their mind which is hurt by stress and anxiety”, said Dr Nagarkar.

Dr Nagarkar has observed that, when patients willingly undergo art or music therapy, the painkiller dosage goes down. “We have observed that our dosages of painkillers have reduced”, he states adding, “We are trying to maintain the patients’ hobbies. So, they feel that they can live a normal life like others”.

The music therapy has also helped patients in ICU, the team maintains.
The therapy has worked well with children too. For children puppets and cartoons have been made to convince them for eating food and taking medicines and treatment.


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