Orders to distribute 100% grain through PoS


Nashik: The government has started to distribute grain through Point of Sale to bring transparency in public distribution system, but as information about beneficiaries has still not been updated in Nashik, there are difficulties in grain distribution through PoS. As the government has ordered 100% grain distribution through PoS by September end, District Supply officer Sopan Kasar has issued instructions to speed up computerisation work.

A meeting of the District Supply Officer and fair price shop owners took place in his cell. Government has planned to bring cashless grain scheme in future. It is mandatory to link aadhar number of every family member, but 35% aadhaar numbers are not linked yet in the district. As information of beneficiaries has not been uploaded in machines at most places, there are difficulties in grain distribution.

As aadhaar numbers of most beneficiaries have not been linked, there are difficulties in grain distribution. As thumb mark is required to get grain, it is important to link aadhaar number of every member.  In addition, there is shortage of employees, server problem and other problems.

It has been found there is a single name on many antyoday ration cards in the district. The number of such ration cards is 16,276. Supply department has doubts about this and has undertaken a drive to inspect these cards.