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Only 17 percent farmers oppose TP scheme



Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has decided to implement the Town Planning (TP) scheme under the Nashik Smart City project. The scheme will be implemented by Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (NMSCDCL). NMC has decided to implement the scheme in Makhmalabad Shivar. The scheme is being opposed by a group of farmers. Nashik Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishna Game has clarified that only 17 per cent farmers have opposed the scheme.

The farmer’s group had submitted a letter to Game opposing the scheme with the signatures of around 430 farmers. He has explained that the actual numbers of farmers who will be affected and have signed the petition are only 189. From the total signs received 17 signs are repeated, 60 have no land on their name anywhere, 6 have land outside the area of TP scheme and most 168 signs are of the farmers who have land in More farm, which has been excluded from the scheme.

The Municipal Commissioner has said that the 189 farmers have only 17 per cent of an area which has been included in the scheme that is only 54 hectares of land. The scheme will come to end if it is opposed by more than 50 per cent of the farmers holding the land in the scheme area. To reach that figure the group of farmers must have taken these signs, he added.

NMSCDCL will take 306.67 hectares of land from Makhmalabad Shivar, till the left Nashik Canal to Holkar bridge for development. The total proposed area of the project will be distributed between the TP Scheme and for farmers. Out of the total 306-hectare area, 55 per cent of the land will be given to farmers and 45 per cent will be used for development. The farmers will get committed plots as per the scheme in about 163 hectares of land of the total 306.67 hectares of the proposed land. The remaining area will be utilized for preparing roads, constructing new nullah, garden, parking spaces, amenities and residential plots.


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