Onion prices soar at market committees


Nashik: The onion growers in the district must be delighted with the stiff rise in onion prices for the last nine days as the prices were stable since last one and half years at various market committees even as various agricultural commodities including fruits, vegetables were witnessing fluctuations in prices.
The average price of onions has now almost doubled. The onion growers who were disappointed to sell their produce in the range of Rs 300 – Rs 600 per quintal since over a year ago, are now getting almost double income (per quintal) to their produce from the previous ranges.

Since gradual increase in prices from July 21, On Friday last, onions were being sold at Nashik’s one of the biggest wholesale markets, APMC Lasalgaon at an average rate of Rs 1350 per quintal from lower range of Rs 500 per quintal, at Pimpalgaon Baswant APMC, with an average market price of Rs 1351 per quintal from Rs 500.

Similar situations were witnessed at Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs) of Umrane, Chandwad and Saikheda in the district where onions were being sold at the per quintal rate of Rs 1350, Rs 1350 and Rs 1400 respectively as on Friday last (July 28).

The demand for onions is also on the rise from domestic markets of Delhi, Gujarat, MP, West Bengal, UP and Bihar from APMCs of Lasalgaon, Pimpalgaon, Umrane, Chandwad, Niphad, Andersul, Yeola, Niphad, Vani and Dindori, signalling further rise in onions prices.