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One brain dead patient can save 22 lives


Pooja Tipre / Nashik: Organ donation is a noble cause. It is the need today. Many people lose their lives due to the shortage of organs. Even today, people are unaware of organ donation. Therefore, many NGO’s and social organizations are creating awareness among the people.

There have been 10 organ donors in Nashik from 2016 to till date. They gave a new life to the other patients by donating their organs. Many people think all the rituals are must after one’s death. But very few people think about organ donation.

It is possible to donate eyes, kidneys, skin, liver and other organs. At present, 500 patients are waiting for a kidney in Nashik and 50 patients are waiting to get a liver.
Organ donation can save many lives. After death, one’s relative can live through the donation.

The percentage of organ donation in Nashik from 2016 is satisfactory. It will be increased in future. The brain dead patient can give a new life to 22 people. The cells in the brain of the brain dead patient die due to accident or an aortic aneurysm.

However, other organs of this patient are functioning properly so he/she can give a new life to others. A brain dead patient can save other patients’ life by donating heart, eyes, lungs, liver, kidney, skin and other organs.

In Nashik, 10 organ donors donated their organs. 44 cadaver kidney transplant and 49 live kidney transplant have been done so far. The four cadaver liver donation was done. Four livers were carried to Pune through a green corridor.

Also, three hearts were donated. One of them was taken to Mumbai and two to Pune. All livers were taken to other places by Rushikesh Hospital alone.  The kidney and liver were sent to Solapur from Nashik. The skin bank in Nashik is 8th such a bank in India.


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