One-act play ‘Baap Ki Adalat’ emerges best one-act play


Nashik : The one-act play ‘Baap Ki Adalat’, written and directed by Vijay Nikam emerged best one-act play in one-act play competition ‘Kalpana Ek Avishkar Anek 2017’. It received late M B Yande award, while one-act play ‘Tu.. Mi.. Te.. Itar.. Sagale…’, written by Dinesh Jadhav, directed by Rajdutt and presented by Vyasang Mumbai got second prize.

College artistes, amateurs and professional drama artistes also take part in this competition which is going on since last 31 years to provide scope for their inner talent.

Ramu Ramnathan, Amit Phalke and Arun Nalavade judged the final round of the competition. While providing his guidance Arun Nalavade praised energy among the artistes. Vijay Nikam received best script writing award for ‘Baap Ki Adalat’. He also received the best director award. Nikam also got award for background acting.

The one-act plays ‘Mazi Bai’, written by Omkar Bhojane, directed by Samir Sachin and presented by Antarnad Mumbai and ‘Polkhol’, written and directed by Rohan Pednekar and presented by Antarang theatre were also remarkable.