Offences to be registered for encroachment on Main Road


Old Nashik : The east divisional office of Nashik Municipal Corporation is situated on Main Road which is main market area in the city. People in large numbers come to the office for various works, but following large scale encroachment near entrance, people have to face inconvenience. In addition, municipal officials and employees also have to face lots of problems. Despite frequent instructions, there is encroachment, offences will be registered directly, warned the divisional officer to encroachers.

Chairperson Shahin Mirza gave a letter to the Municipal Commissioner about encroachments on Main Road some days back. Divisional officer Jayashri Sonawane inspected the encroachments and removed it immediately. She warned of filing offences if there is encroachment again. Citizens are expressing their satisfaction over this. They also demanded to take precaution about this. It had come to light many times that encroachers have patronage by political leaders.

As encroachment is rising every day, citizens have to face difficulty while entering the office. Citizens welcomed the chairperson and divisional officer after their action against encroachers.