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No supply or stocking? Sanitizer, Mask shortage in Nashik



Covid-19 fear has gripped the public globally. The demand for sanitizers and the protective mask has increased in Nashik city too. Pharmacies and pharma agencies in the city are looking at it as an opportunity to earn profits. They are using the fear of Covid-19 as a profit-making tool.

Nashikites are currently facing a severe shortage of masks and sanitizers. The distributors, agencies as well as the medical shops are saying that that they do not have both of the products, out of stock or will be available in two-three days.

Nashikites are currently facing a shortage of sanitizers in a very serious manner. The masks are available in the market in limited numbers. The chemist and druggist shops in the city are conducting stocking practices to inflate the prices. On the other hand, the Food and Drugs Administration officials and district health official’s mobile unit on March 13 busted two dens of duplicate hand sanitizers.

The distributors in the city are saying that they do not have the products available. The stock has been already supplied to the individual medical shops. The stock finished very rapidly and the stocking practices may be at the individual level but not at the distribution level.

The distributors are not getting the product from the main source, the companies. The sanitizer and masks are not regular selling products but the sudden demand in the market has created the crisis. Medical shop owners are saying that they are of out of stock. The product which was available has already been sold out.

The distributors do not have the stocks of the product. They said that the product is been sold on MRP prices and not on inflated prices. The FDA and health administration of the district have already warned the medical shops and agencies to keep the stock of masks and sanitizers.

The chemical shops are strictly directed to sell the N-95 mask only on doctor’s prescription. The administration needs to keep a strong vigil on chemist shops, distributing agencies to find out is the current crisis a real one or it has been made artificially by stocking the products.


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