No additional water for NMC: DC


Nashik : The demand by Nashik Municipal Corporation for additional water is unrealistic and it is impossible to approve it. As a result, it is not possible to provide additional water to NMC than limit, District Collector Radhakrishna B made it clear. As a result, conflict is likely to be held between NMC and district administration over water reservation.

A planning is going on to reserve available water in district dams. Instructions were issued to table proposals regarding requirement of water for water supply schemes, industrial organisations and irrigation and non-irrigation purpose.

Last year NMC had demanded to reserve 4200 MCFt water in Gangapur dam and 300 MCFt water in Darna dam for the period from October 15, 2016 to July 31, 2017, but water resources department had approved 3900 MCFt water in Gangapur dam and 400 MCFt water in Darna dam. NMC had made careful planning of water supply in 290 days and had used water in Gangapur dam completely till July 31. It had lifted 302 MCFt water out of total 400 MCFt water in Darna dam.

NMC has lifted the water from Darna dam for Nashik Road area, but following technicalities in lifting the water, a demand has been made to reduce water reservation in Darna dam and to increase water reservation in Gangapur dam. In addition, it has also demanded to reserve 4300 and 300 MCFt water in Gangapur dam and Darna dam respectively, but administration disagree with this and instructed NMC to table a report demanding water as per population quantity.

It has been proposed that NMC should take 4400 MCFt water from Gangapur dam and 500 MCFt water from Darna dam, but NMC has shown its inability to lift water in that capacity from Darna dam.

According to district administration and irrigation department considering the reasons cited for additional water, NMC will not require 4600 MCFt water. As the District Collector made it clear that it is impossible to fulfill NMC’s demand, this conflict will now be resolved in the court of the District Guardian Minister.