NMC turns a blind eye to garbage pile on Godaghat


Nashik : Nashik Municipal Corporation which collected around 1.75 lakh lord Ganesh idols and 131 tonnes of nirmalya in last month seems forgotten about waste that accumulated on the day Vijayadashmi at Godaghat. Godavari pollution has increased due to negligence of the administration. Idols of the Goddess, nirmalya and other puja related material were dumped into Godavari, other rivers and nullahs in the city.

It has come to light this was happened as security guards and employees on Godaghat were found missing on the day of Vijayadashmi. After hearing the public interest litigation regarding Godavari pollution, Mumbai High Court had instructed NMC to conduct various measures to free the river from pollution. After it instructed to deploy police personnel to prevent pollution, police had maintained security for some days. After HC had rebuked NMC for this, it appointed security guards some months ago to prevent dumping of waste and nirmalya into the river. A Godavari river conservation cell has also been started at Panchavati. NMC is also implementing measures to avoid pollution in other rivers.

On the backdrop of this, artificial ponds were set up at 28 locations for immersion of lord Ganesh idols. NMC had in association with social organisations had collected the idols and nirmalya. It had collected 1.69 lakh idols and 131.6 tonnes of nirmalya. With this, NMC administration was succeeded in preventing pollution of Godavari, other rivers and nullahs.

However, NMC administration failed to implement measures to prevent pollution during navratrotsav. No arrangement was made to collect nirmalya on the day of Vijayadashmi. No appeal was made to the citizens. Security guards were found missing. Pooja related material, nirmalya, plastic carry bags were found lying on large scale at old vegetable market, Godaghat and the area below Gadge Maharaj bridge.