NMC to issue flood alerts via social media


Jeetendra Sapakale
dt@deshdoot.com — Nashik: Nashik Municipal Corporation has completed all the preparations to deal with natural calamities due to accumulation of water in the areas along river bank and low lying areas.

Considering flood to Godavari, Nandini, Waldevi and Waghadi rivers every year, NMC has kept its mechanism ready. Godavari river had witnessed major flood in 2007-08 and 2016 due to continuous rainfall for 3-4 days and water discharge from Gangapur dam. These floods considered bigger after the major flood in 1961.

While speaking to daily Deshdoot Times about disaster management preparedness by Nashik Municipal Corporation, fire brigade chief Anil Mahajan said, “Notices have been issued to divisional officials to make preparations for tackling possible disaster-related incidents in their divisions. Whatsapp groups will be prepared to issue alert to citizens in case of flooding.

Separate whatsapp groups will be formed for each division. Residents of respective division will be in these groups. NMC officials and other related officials will also be part of them.” “Citizens will be informed prior to emergency situation through these whatsapp groups. Alert will be issued in case water level reaches certain level.”

“Considering shortage of human resources in the fire brigade department, we have identified volunteers and swimmers. The help of NGOs will also be sought. The number of swimmers is around 60-70 and they are from Anandvalli, Eklavya Sanstha, Someshwar, Ramkund etc. The department has sufficient number of equipments and vehicles to deal with any emergency situation,” Mahajan informed further.

When asked about accumulation of water at Saraf Bazaar last year, he said, only 8-10 such incidents were reported last year. As water level had touched steps of Sarkarwada Prakash Supariwala shop, losses worth crores of rupees took place. Fire brigade had saved lives of many during this flood.

NMC had shifted hundreds of families and had made alternative arrangement for them. Keeping in mind this past experience, the disaster management and fire brigade department has kept all the system ready. Like every year, work plan has been kept ready. Considering spread of flood water in the area along river during monsoon, felling of trees and building, there is shortage of human resources in the fire department.

On the backdrop of this, NMC had sent a proposal regarding requirement of 550 officials and employees in the fire brigade to the government, but there is no decision on it by government yet.  As a result, a question is being raised that how NMC will protect lives of Nashikites in case of major flood to Godavari river.

Water accumulation spots

Division                      Numbers
Nashik east                    24
Nashik west                   45
Panchavati                     12
Satpur                           13
Cidco                            16
Nashik Road                  11