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NMC recovered Rs 3,49,8000 Plastic ban fine


Pooja Tipre / Nashik: The plastic ban was started on behalf of Nashik Municipal Corporation from April last year. Citizens were invited to avoid using plastic. However, the plastic was increasingly used. Therefore, Municipal Corporation took action and began to recover the fine. On April 10, 2018, NMC has recovered fine of Rs 3,49,8000. And this fine recovery still persists.

The plastic ban was initiated during Tukaram Mundhe, Former Commissioner of NMC and it was implemented very quickly. The plastic is not immediately dissolved. It is also possible to increase pollution. With that, many animals eat plastic. This creates a danger to their health.

Burning of plastic waste will cause air pollution due to the smoke emanating from it. And those who have respiratory diseases are also in trouble. Therefore, plastic was banned to reduce pollution. Nashik Municipal Corporation has filed the highest number of 174 cases in June 2018. This amount was recovered to 90, 9000.

In addition, last year Tukaram Mundhe had imposed fines on shopkeepers outside the temple of Gramadevata in Navaratri. This action has resulted. Many food items were brought in a plastic bag. It is now reduced. The lowest cases of plastic usage were reported on April 2019.

Since January 2019, plastic ban cases and penalty recovery have declined in comparison to last year. Many employees were in work due to the Lok Sabha elections this year. It is also possible to have an effect. Also, due to the fear of action being taken among people, the usage of plastic has been relatively low.


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