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NMC received 550 Kg seeds


Nashik: Nashik Municipal Corporation has received 550 kg of seeds form citizens for the plantation. NMC has started the Devrai project to increase the number of indigenous trees in the city. And it appealed to the citizen to send indigenous seeds for the plantation. NMC received 550 kg seeds of different species trees, informed official.

Nashik Municipal Corporation’s Garden department has started the Devrai Project from last year. It planted the indigenous trees undertaken by this project. Nashik Municipal Corporation has made a survey of trees in Nashik finding that a total of 16 lakh indigenous and 32 lakh of foreign trees are in the city. NMC is trying to increase the number of indigenous trees. Garden Department planted a total of 768 trees undertaken by the Devrai Project.

The NMC has also tried to involve the citizen in Devrai project. To increase the number of trees, the garden department decided to create a seed bank. If anyone wants to plant a tree then the seed will be given by the seed bank. Citizens have been responsding positively to the seed bank concept and have been donating seeds. NMC received 400 Kg seeds of Mango and 150 Kg seeds of Arjun tree, informed official.

NMC gave the seeds to one private company. This company has been planting trees on the foothills of Ramshej hill and NMC’s Garden department will plant trees on the open space of the Gangapur dam backwater area. This programme will be organized on July 28, 2019.


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