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NMC Neutered 1300 dogs in November


Nashik: In a move to control the population of dogs in the city, the corporation has conducted neutralization surgery on around 1300 strays. The figures are for November month alone. The initiative by a corporation is said to lower complain about strays in the city.

The corporation has spent Rs 700 on each dog sterilization process.  The corporation acts according to the complaint received from any area. The team then identifies the spot and dogs in that particular area. After that, the strays are caught and are taken to the hospital for surgery.

The dogs are inspected first before conducting the surgery. After that, the dogs are given a rest for two days and after that, they are realized in their area, Informed Veterinary Medical Officer, Dr. Pramod Sonawane.  He informed that in most of the cases the locals in the area are very careful about the dogs in their area.

The corporation always gets a call whenever the department takes the dogs for surgery. The officials then have to explain to the citizens that the process takes at least three days. The NMC has also killed 60 swine in the last one year. The veterinary department act as per the complaint received from the citizens.

Keep premise clean
The corporation has requested Nashikites to keep their premises clean. The officials from veterinary departments have requested that the citizens should keep their surroundings clean. They should not through any kind of garbage in their premises. Each and every type of garbage should be put in a dustbin and in garbage van after. The untidy premises garbage attract strays.


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