NMC Godavari conservation cell remains on paper only


Nashik : The High Court issued orders to Nashik Municipal Corporation to take measures as per report by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute to prevent pollution of Godavari rivers and other rivers. NMC stated that Godavari conservation cell has been started at Ramkund to control Godavari pollution and supervising was being made through it, but actually it had not functionalised despite many days had passed. It has come to light that this cell is on paper only. Godapremi Nagri Seva Samiti has come to light the fact that the cell is locked.

Following filing of PIL in Mumbai High Court to prevent Godavari pollution, the subject of Godavari pollution is in discussion since last some years. Order has been issued to NMC for conducting measures to prevent pollution after report by NEERI. Accordingly, NMC had conducted some measures, but it has come to light that they are useless.

There are restrictions on washing clothes and vehicles on Godaghat and arrangement of kalash has been made to put nirmlya into it. After action to penalise those found dumping waste in Godavari and washing clothes, security guards have been appointed on Godaghat since April.

In addition, NMC opened office of Godavari conservation cell at cloth changing room in Ramkund area to prevent Godavari pollution and its tributaries. Officials and employees were appointed there, but it has come to light that NMC has locked it.

NMC has started this cell for Godavari conservation, mentions PIL, but it has come to light that not a single official or employees is working there. This cell has been locked since last few days without any prior instructions. Office bearers of Godapremi Nagri Seva Samiti has brought this into light.

The office bearers of the committee had gone to Godavari conservation cell at 11.30 am last Wednesday to press for ban on meat sale on Godaghat, but they found office was locked. They got information that this office was closed since last many days. As a result, the office bearers had to go to NMC headquarter to table their memorandum. Terming complaint by petitioner Devang Jani proper, the HC ordered NMC to take action.

Considering pollution of Godavari river, the committee demanded to impose permanent ban on meat sale in Godaghat area.