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NMC appeal for MR vaccination

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NMC appeal for MR vaccination


Nashik: Measles and Rubella are the diseases caused in young children through the virus. In India, 50000 children die due to Measles and 40,000 children have been handicapped due to the virus.

Measles-rubella vaccination campaign is being implemented to control these two diseases till 2020. So, vaccinate your children with MR vaccination, said, Dr Rahul Gaikwad, medical officer of NMC

In this campaign, all children under 9 months to 15 years of age are given an injection of Measles-Rubella vaccine. The campaign has started from November 27 in the Municipal area and this vaccine will be provided to a targeted 4,90,218 children in five weeks.

Children of all school will be vaccinated, after that children of Anganwadi will be vaccinated. Similarly, arrangements have been made to provide the daily medicines for all hospitals and primary health centers.

While the Measles vaccination, will help prevent children from pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition infections, the Rubella vaccines, will prevent deafness, small brain retardation and heart failure.

The vaccine is safe and effective. Many countries in the world have been using it for 40 years. Measles vaccine is being provided free of cost by the government. Therefore, NMC requested to all the citizens that they should be immunized through the school and through Anganwadi for 9 months to 15 years of age, Dr Gaikwad added.


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