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Neymar backs campaign to help needy in Brazil



Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar has backed a campaign to help underprivileged families in Brazil cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Led by Brazilian television personality Luciano Huck, the initiative also has the support of dual world surfing champion Gabriel Medina and other Brazilian celebrities.

The campaign calls on Brazilians to donate money – either directly or through charity organizations – to those in need, regardless of the amount. “Solidarity must be more contagious than the virus,” Neymar said in a video posted on social media.
Medina added: “Now more than ever we need to give a hand to others.”

The Brazilian government on Thursday announced a monthly subsidiary of 600 reais (120 USdollars) for low-income workers and small entrepreneurs as many states impose lockdowns that effectively halt the informal economy.


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