NCP regional chief holds discussions with BJP office bearers


State Legislative Council election

NASHIK: The regional chief of Nationalist Congress Party Jayant Patil held internal discussions with some office bearers of Bharatiya Janata Party, it is understood. He was on Nashik tour Thursday to take review of the situation on the backdrop of state Legislative Council election. It is also understood that he held discussions with some other office bearers over phone. As a result, discussions are in rife in political circle that BJP and NCP would come together in this election. If this happens, there are signs that calculations for this election would go wrong. Shiv Sena is reportedly worried over this development.

All parties have made the state Legislative Council election a prestigious issue. The relations between BJP and Sena have become sour over Palghar Lok Sabha byelection. Though Shiv Sena has majority, no single party has magic figure of 322 which is necessary to get elected. As a result, Shiv Sena is needed BJP’s help. As Shiv Sena had not followed coalition dharma in Palghar Lok Sabha election, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in a meeting held at Mumbai had made it clear that decision will be taken at proper time. As there is no guarantee about actual stand by political parties, this has led to horse trading. NCP is taking efforts to take benefit of internal conflicts between Shiv Sena and BJP.

NCP regional chief Jayant Patil is understood to meet some BJP office bearers in a college at Panchavati and held discussions. It is also understood that all party leaders who get connected through Maratha Kranti Morcha showed their readiness in this meeting to work for Adv. Sahane. MLA Patil will hold discussions regarding this with seniors and there is possibility of new calculations for this election.