Nashik’s Shivshahi buses sent to Nagpur


Nashik : Though there are Shiv Sena Ministers, Shivshahi buses which Nashik got on Monday have been sent to Nagpur. This came to light on Tuesday.
The Shivshahi bus service which was started by state Transport Minister Divakar Raote after bigger announcements had become a short term service for Nashikites.

It has been instructed to shift four Shivshahi buses immediately to Nagpur depot which were arrived at Nashik depot on Sunday (Oct. 1). As a result, these buses have been sent to Nagpur after they served Nashikites for one day. Earlier, Shivneri, Hirkani and basic buses were plying on Nashik-Pune highway. Number of Hirkani buses has been cut to seven from total 11 buses and four Shivshahi buses were added in their place.

A preparation was going on to close Shivneri bus service. Shivshahi buses which arrived on Sunday plied on Nashik-Pune-Nashik route on Monday. These buses received huge response.

As MSRTC has earlier decided to charge less fare, passengers have attraction for these buses. Nashik was to receive 20 buses phasewise. However, after instructions by MSRTC on Monday evening, four Shivshahi buses each from Nashik and Pune depot were sent immediately to Nagpur, sources informed.