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Nashikites turn back to voting go shopping instead


Nashik : The government declared holiday on October 21, the voting day, to increase the voting percentage and to attract voters. The voters in Nashik City or the Nashikites choose to turn their backs to voting and preferred to go shopping on the voting day.

The Nashikites crowded city markets for Diwali shopping. The markets were swelled by the Nashikites as there were no rains observed in the city in afternoon and evening of Monday. The Nashik city constituencies should very low voting percentage than the other rural constituencies in district.

The Election commission conducted various programs to encourage voting and improve voting percentage. The district administration conducted demonstrations, workshops, streetplays for voters. The administration also actively used the social media to create awareness among the voters.

The administration conducted various competitions for the voter awareness like rangoli, posters, slogan and many others. But, it seems that it has not affected the voters. The elite groups in Nashik stayed away from their responsibility go and vote.

Nashikites in thousand numbers crowded the main markets of city. The old Nashik, Katya Maruti, Dahi Pul, MG Road, Vande Mataram Chowk, Tibetan Market, city malls vitnessed huge crowd on Monday.  The rain also showed some respect for voters and gave a dry patch to them on Monday. But instead of using it for voting Nashikites went to market for Diwali shopping.

The Sunday shopping plans were disturbed by the rain of the Nashikites, so they saw an opportunity on voting day. Instead of implementing their rights people went shopping.


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