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Nashikites putting their lives in risk



On one side, awareness is being created to contain the spread of Coronavirus, on the other some Nashikites residing along Godavari banks are seen gathering to collect copper, metal, iron and money from silt during river Godavari cleanliness. Some photos about this gone viral on social media. Thereafter otherwise Nashikites slammed those who gathered unnecessarily.

No Coronavirus positive patient has still been found in Nashik yet. The administration is taking all the necessary precautions. However, some Nashikites are gathering unnecessarily, which is wrong entirely.

Water discharge from Gangapur dam has been stopped. As a result, NMC workers have started to remove silt from the river Godavari. People were seen gathered around this silt to collect copper, metal, iron, money and fish from it.
On one hand, Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC), district administration and police administration working hard to contain the spread of Coronavirus, while on the other, some citizens were busy in collecting the items, putting their lives into danger.


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