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Nashikites experience history of 13th century



The Nashikites On January 10 and January 11 experienced history by their hands. The Rare Fair at Indraprasth Hall was crowded by every age group. The occasion was to see touch and experience the historic weapons, vintage coins, vintage cameras, currency notes of different countries, postal tickets and many more, which date back to the 13th century. The children especially were seemed amazed by such things.

In the sixth edition of the Rare Fair-2020, the antique fair was joined by around 15 collectors from Nashik and around 30 collectors from around the country who are affiliated to the Collectors Society of Numismatics and Rare Items. The Nashikites took advantage of the opportunity and enjoyed the fair of antiques. City Police Commissioner Vishwas Nangre Patil inaugurated the fair, with coin museum curator Amiteshwar Jha and coin expert Fahruk Todiwala.

The 200 years old pocket camera has become an attraction in the fair. The camera is the size of a Smartphone and is adjusted with buttons. The exhibition has also joined by a 20 years old coin collector from Uttar Pradesh.
The exhibition had coins of copper, silver, gold, bronze coins, currency and coins from about 200 countries, Peshwa and Maratha period weapons, coins, hon, books, diaries, catalogues, copper plates and other antiques were displayed in the exhibition. A painting exhibition was also organized on the occasion.


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