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Celebrating this Ganeshotsav, the Eco-friendly way

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Celebrating this Ganeshotsav, the Eco-friendly way

NASHIK: The present-day celebrations for the Ganapati festival look good, however, raise a question on the purpose of the social festival started by Lokmanya Tilak years ago. The festival then brought for people together and aimed at creating awareness, but now things are changing. There seems to be a new competition among the mandals about the decoration of idols, the magnitude pandals. In this process, the consequences to the environment are being neglected.

Many campaigns on awareness since the last few years are seen reflecting this year though, whereby we see some change and a thought for the eco-friendliness. This year, the government banned thermacol and plastic on items used for decoration.

People have accepted it though, it was very difficult, for them. Acceptance by people and following the eco-friendly way has brought in new hope for the festival of the Bappa. While the government forced the ban; citizens also agreed to follow. People are realizing the importance of reducing the use of plastic materials and are following the environmental norms.

Deshdoot Times spoke to a few citizens to know their views on such celebrations.

This year we have installed Ganesha’s idol in small size and have avoided using the decorative objects of plastic. We have used flowers and leaves instead. We have increased the number of lamps. That’s why the decor is more open. We have also made use of items purchased last year instead of buying new. Paper items are also available in the market this year.
 -Dipali Jadhav, Sanghavi college, Engg. student

Nowadays pollution is increasing at a very high rate due to this government is creating awareness about eco-friendly Ganesha idols, however, there is only 10 to 15% of the population following this concern. People are still not aware of the pollution and its harmfulness.
-Mohit Upadhyay, president of Morya Friends Circle

Ganesha festival is the most loved festival in India. However, due to the Plaster of Paris (PoP) idols of Ganesha, water pollution increases on its immersion. Last few years we see awareness on many fronts to avoid and minimize this pollution. The good part is many are taking to this concept of eco-friendly celebration and are using mud idols. – Ravindra Patil, teacher

There is big enthusiasm regarding Ganesha’s festival. This festival is the most celebrated festival in India and more so in Maharashtra. Many people are trying to celebrate it in an eco-friendly way. I am happy about this increased awareness.
-Pankaj Garge, Medical Student


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