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Electric vehicles: Intention good, but challenges more


Abhishek Vibhandik

Nashik: The government has decided to stop production of diesel vehicles to control the pollution in the country. Electric vehicles are also being launched in the market. According to this decision, some car production companies have even stopped production of diesel vehicles and have started producing electric cars.

In some cities, these electric cars are running on the roads. However, this change over has many challenges. The good part is that this decision is likely to reduce some of the pollution levels.

Deshdoot Times talks with car workshop owners, common people, and automotive enthusiasts to know their views about this decision.

“The decision taken by the government to stop the production of diesel light motor vehicle to control the pollution is good. But, it is important to launch electric charging stations. This vehicle runs about 200 km after charging once. The use of other car accessories reduces the battery capacity and can be less than 200 km.

Electric vehicles battery has to be replaced once in a year. The price of this battery is approximately 75,000 to 1 Lac. Therefore, the government should reduce the price of the battery by taking some measures”, said Pratik Tipre, Car workshop owner.
“The decision taken by the government to reduce the pollution by stopping production of diesel vehicles and launching electric cars in market is good. We welcome this decision that will reduce the pollution. But for electric cars, the charging point should also be arranged at a specific distance in the city”, opined Pravin Pangare, a citizen.
Said Gajanan Kashikar, an automotive enthusiast, “I believe, to achieve zero carbon emission goals, government must abolish diesel engine vehicles and should provide funds for electric vehicles.

The electric vehicles are the future of our society and it will come with ample benefits which will be worthwhile for next generations. The government must make provision for electric vehicles and also reduce the taxes as well as import duty will help the automotive industry to increase their sales of electric vehicles which will also be valuable for the customers”.


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