Nashik actor felicitated for trying to save accident victim


Nashik: The Nashik city police complimented City-based Marathi film actor for showing the courage to help an accident victim on Sinnar-Ghoti highway.  The commissioner of police, Ravinder Kumar Singal on Friday appreciated his efforts by felicitating him on Friday in Nashik.

On the night of June 23, the actor Chinmay Udgirkar drove past an accident victim while he was being neglected by many people passing through. The actor rushed the victim to the hospital to provide medical support. Unfortunately, the victim could not survive.

The actor said that it was around 8 pm on the fateful night when a heavy vehicle, car and a two-wheeler met with an accident on the Sinnar-Ghoti road. The rider of the bike was seriously injured and lying on the way. A woman travelling in the car was trying desperately to stop the passers-by to help the rider.

However, no vehicle stopped by for a long time for the much-needed help. Others preferred to capture the incident on the phone and upload it on social media than helping to save the victim’s life.

“The actor was returning from Shirdi after a scheduled shoot and stopped immediately. With the help of his driver Vijay Jadhav, the victim was moved in the car and rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment,” said commissioner of police, Ravinder Kumar Singal.

Singal said the actor also called Superintendent of police Sanjay Darade and commissioner himself to make sure that all the required medical assistance is provided to the victim.
“Though the victim could not survive, the gesture provided by the actor is rare and courageous,” Singal said.

During the felicitation, Udgirkar said that he felt satisfied helping the accident victim but felt disheartened to have not been able to save the life of the victim. “The victim would have survived if the required help came earlier,” he said.