The Nalanda Academy celebrates Guru Poornima in a unique way


Nashik: The Nalanda Academy celebrated Guru Poornima which is also known as Vyas Poornima, by reciting the shloka ‘GURU BRAHMA GURU VISHU’. A skit based on Guru Poornima was presented by the HKG students. The significance of Guru Poornima was told by teachers.

Devotional worship of Guru is one of the most touching and elevating feature of the Indian culture & tradition. Students took the blessing of teachers by touching their feet. The students were told about the importance of Guru and Sages like Maharshi Vyas, their contribution to the greatness of philosophy, civilization and culture. People will always be indebted to them.

Upkeeping the tradition and culture of India is the main feature of The Nalanda Academy. Hence all festivals are celebrated in the school in a traditional way.