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MSEDCL issues safety guidelines


Nashik: Considering the rainy seasons and electric accidents caused during this time, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) has issued certain guidelines to avoid electricity-related accidents.  Water and current do not make a good combination and so the MSEDCL has suggested that people should use ISI marking instruments and electrical equipment.

Avoid extra load on the electric circuit. Use MCB (miniature circuit breaker) wire so, the risk of overload and short circuit reduces. Use quality control board certified instruments like a mixer, heater, grinder, fridge, washing machine, and deep fridge.  The MSEDCL observes that most accidents occur due to lack of proper earthing.

The company has suggested doing earthing with the copper plate and copper rod. Use ELCB to avoid an accident. It has also suggested not to put multiple wires in one socket. Switch off the main switch if there is fire. Don’t store high flammable things in the meter room. Use insulated wire for neutral. Don’t use water on fire caused by electric supply.

If the body is wet, the ratio of electricity flow increases. 10ml ampere flow can make a person disable, 30 ml ampere can stop the respiratory process. When a person suffers from electric shock, first switch off the current using wooden material. if that is not possibly separate the sufferer using wood, or nonconductor material.

Give first aid to a person who has suffered from electric shock. Don’t give water while the patient is unconscious. Consult a doctor before giving water. Artificial respiration may be necessary at times and consult a doctor at such times. Call for medical help.


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